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Resolution 182
An attempt to abolish father's rights

Resolution 182 is a blatant attempt to outlaw joint custody. It is unconstitutional and discriminatory, and the information it contains is mostly thinly veiled NOW propaganda.

The entire text of 182 is included below, complete with links where you can tell each of the responsible representatives what you think of them and their un-American philosophies.

However, this might not be enough. We need to point out to the rest of our congressmen, just how ridiculous this resolution is. Click here to write to your U.S. Representative today!

Remember, justice starts with you!


1st Session
H. CON. RES. 182

Expressing the sense of Congress with respect to child custody, child abuse, and victims of domestic and family violence.


October 30, 1997

Mrs. MORELLA (for herself, Mr. SCHUMER, Mr. DAVIS of Virginia, Mrs. JOHNSON of Connecticut, Ms. FURSE, Ms. CARSON, Mr. VENTO, Mr. LAFALCE, Mr. STARK, Mr. FROST, Mr. PAYNE, Mr. HINCHEY, and Mr. SANDERS) submitted the following concurrent resolution; which was referred to the Committee on the Judiciary


Expressing the sense of Congress with respect to child custody, child abuse, and victims of domestic and family violence.

Whereas domestic violence has serious detrimental effects on children, even when they do not directly witness such violence;

Whereas courts still hold women to higher standards of conduct than they do men;

Whereas gender bias still exists within the courts, particularly those making and affecting child custody determinations;

Whereas gender bias has long existed and still exists within the mental health system;

Whereas, as a result of this gender bias, many myths are that women make false allegations of domestic violence or child abuse, and most particularly of child sexual abuse, during divorce and custody proceedings;

Whereas false accusations by women are in fact rare, occurring no more often than do other false reports of crimes, such as bank robbery;

Whereas the myth that women make false accusations is so widely believed that many child protective service agents have policies of not bothering to investigate such allegations when made during the pendency of divorce or custody proceedings or only superficially investigate such allegations;

Whereas there are many myths that fathers are discriminated against in custody proceedings, even though studies show that fathers fighting for custody actually win sole custody or joint custody in 40 to 70 percent of these disputes;

Whereas the American Psychological Association's Presidential Task Force on Violence and the Family has found in a 1996 Presidential Report that Congress views as authoritative on questions of domestic violence, child abuse, and custody determination that--

Whereas many courts and professionals use the baseless parental alienation syndrome to force mothers into joint or shared parenting arrangements or to give custody to fathers, especially when mothers try to protect themselves or their children from men who abuse them or their children;

Whereas almost every custody evaluator or judge recognizes how important familiar routines and objects are to a child, particularly in times of stress, but often fails to recognize the importance for the child of maintaining its living arrangement with the child's primary caretaker parent;

Whereas Congress never intended that the Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act be used--

Whereas when there is domestic or family violence or major discord between the parents, shared parenting arrangements, couples counseling, or mediation arrangements only exacerbate the difficulties of the children and give the abusive parent more tools with which to victimize the other members of the family;

Whereas children who grow up not seeing abusive parents clearly held accountable for their abuse are reinforced in believing that domestic and family violence are socially acceptable and effective means of behavior; and

Whereas every State has legislation or judicial decisions that base its custody determinations on what is in the best interests of the child: Now, therefore, be it

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