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Backdoor Alimony Calculator
Figure out how much alimony is hidden in your child support payment

Child support should cover one half of the basic necessities for raising a child. Any child support award which exceeds this figure is actually tax-free alimony for the ex-wife. This applet will calculate the amount of this backdoor alimony.

$Estimated monthly cost to feed your child
$Estimated monthly cost for basic clothing for your child
$Cost of monthly rent for suitable apartment in your ex's area
$How much this rent would be for an apartment with one less bedroom
$Input your monthly child support payment
Is the mother willing to give the father joint custody?
No Yes


Send me feedback on the script! If you have problems with it, be sure to tell me what kind of browser you have!

Also my special thanks to Tracy Hornschuch, who finally got everything to work right.
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