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Bess Kontos (Kapsimalis)
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Bess is led away to begin
a well-deserved jail sentence.

Bess is a custodial mother who has completely brainwashed her two children against their father. They have subsequently refused to go with him for visitation for three years.

Bess was recently sentenced to a two-week jail sentence for contempt of a court order. However, she only served one week. Click here to read the latest news on Bess.

Click here and here to read other articles about Bess which appeared in the Chicago Tribune. A warning, however: it is appalling what this woman has done to the kids, and to this Dad.

Anyone interested in writing to Bess can do so.

Bess Kontos
430 Alcester Circle
Bolingbrook, IL 60440

UPDATE! Find out the court's latest action against Bess!

Write to Bess' Local Newspapers!
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