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Father's Rights on the internet


There are many excellent resources for fathers on the internet. I hope that this site will add to the vast base of information available online to Dads. Keep in mind, though, that this site and others similar to it should not be taken as a substitute for legal advice from professional counsel! The author of this site is not a legal professional, and the ideas on this site are not legal advice. It is hoped that the information here can point the reader in the right direction, and help to avoid the pitfalls that often come with divorce and child custody/support.


In addition to the many useful father's resources online, there are quite a few individuals who claim to help fathers, but will only do so if you purchase their books or pay them large retainer fees. These individuals view online father's rights as an "every man for himself", "cut-throat" opportunity to make a dollar, and in my opinion they do not care about men's issues unless a paycheck is in it for them. One such individual has attempted to drive me and my website from the internet over the past several months, by means of threats, harassment, lies and forgeries.

Others who hurt the online father's movement are those angry, spurned men who constantly whine on the newsgroup about how women are to blame for all their problems and inadequacies. Yet, they never actually do anything about the men's issues except for gripe.