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Links to other sites
National Organization for Parent Equality 
Lots of useful info for noncustodial parents. 
The Electronic Activist 
Information on how to contact elected officials and media in any state 
Shared Parenting Forum 
Kids need Fathers not Visitors!  Excellent site dedicated to keeping both parents in the childrens' lives. 
Women for Fatherhood 
Support for wives of persecuted NCPs.  This site is proof that this is not a battle of men vs. women--it is a battle of good men and women vs. corrupt courts and greedy mothers. 
California Child Support Calculator 
Calculate child support payments based upon California's guidelines. 
Fathers Rights 
Another site calling for equal rights for Dads. 
Pro-se in a Massachusetts divorce 
Helpful information about divorce and custody, including if, when and how to represent yourself in court. 




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