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Minimizing Child Support


This page is written with the following premises:

(1) It is wrong for a Dad to have to pay child support, if the mother was granted primary custody against the wishes of the Dad.

(2) Child support awards have little to do with the actual child involved. The actual basic costs for the child are rarely considered, and most awards greatly exceed one-half of these basic costs. The mother is then free to spend the difference however she chooses. This has given rise to the term "backdoor alimony". (see next paragraph)

(3) Until much-needed changes are implemented in the system, the only way to level the playing field is by minimizing child support.


How much alimony is hidden in your monthly child support payment?
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Steps to Minimize CS

1. Research. Go to the library and read the child support guidelines for your state. Thoroughly familiarize yourself with them. You may find several parts of your income which don't get counted toward child support.

2. Become self-employed. As fathers' rights are methodically stripped away, it is becoming easier and easier for the courts to initiate wage withholding. However, this will be harder for them if you are your own employer. It will also be harder for the courts and your ex to determine your actual income.

3. Invest in a "second job". One Dad bought an apartment building and manages it. The money he spends on the apartments is deductible from his child support calculations, because it is considered to be expense toward running a business. After the kids turn 21, the Dad can then sell the apartments and get the money back.

4. Have a sympathetic employer help. If you work a 40-hour week, ask if you can just write down 30 hours a week on a few timecards. Try to present these 30-hour weeks when the court is determining child support. Then, claim the extra time after your case is over with. Also, try not to work any overtime during litigation, as most CPs will attempt to go after this money as well.

5. Raises and promotions. Many Dads are required to disclose income information to the mother at certain intervals. If you seek raises or promotions from your employer, it would benefit you to seek them right after disclosing this information, for obvious reasons.

6. Quit working and go to college. You have the right to self-improvement, and you may be able to argue that in the long run, you'll be able to "support your child" even better!


Note: this page in no way advocates neglecting one's children! Dads who are content with being a noncustodial parent should pay reasonable child support to the custodial parent!

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