We hold these truths to be self-evident. That ALL parents are created equal. We declare that fathers have these inalienable rights:

I. To have equal decision making in every facet of the child's life, including religious training, health, schooling, and social activities;

II. To not be wrongfully stereotyped, due to our marital status, as "deadbeat dads", and treated like criminals;

III. To not have custody/visitation rights jeopardized by false and/or unproven allegations of abuse, a tactic which women's groups such as N.O.W. openly endorse;

IV. To have the opportunity to spend just as much physical time with our children as the mothers;

V. To participate in all major events in the child's life, including birthdays, holidays, schooling, and social activities;

VI. To choose 50/50 joint custody as an alternative to paying child support;


 And in situations where child support is to be paid, VII. To pay fair and reasonable amounts, taking ALL pertinent factors into consideration, and not solely based on a percentage of real or theoretical income;

VIII. To have the option of having child support issues decided by a jury, in conjunction with our Seventh Amendment right to a jury trial.

IX. To not be forced into poverty or have second families impoverished;

X. To have equal input in decisions regarding the manner in which the money is spent, and to have every penny of the child support money accounted for by the mother.

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