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The Wall of Shame
Enemies of Dads' Rights

Many Dads and children are being oppressed by the anti-father system in this country. Here are some of the people who are responsible:


Bess Kapsimalis
An Illinois custodial mother who has brainwashed her children against their father. The children now refuse to ever speak to their father again.
People who fuel the corrupt system
Donn Meyer
A Missouri child support collection officer who chose to torment a Dad who has never missed a child support payment.

Submit your nominations for the Wall of Shame:
Name of offender:

Offender's crime:

For your offender to be considered, please include as much info about him/her as possible. We want offenders whose actions are a slap in the face to father's rights, including (but not limited to) judges, bureaucrats and feminists.

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